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Are you being bullied?

Are you being bullied? Or let me put it in a different term….are you being labelled?
We naturally love to label stuff, it’s a way to make sense of things. And then we even label people.
Labelling is describing someone or something in a word or short phrase. In a way, this is actually a form of bullying.
Labels determine how we are treated in society.
Do you carry a label? I’m sure you do… are some questions to help you determine how your label influences your life:
1) Can you change your label?
2) How do you feel about your label?
3) Does this label work for you?
4) Do you feel that there is a better label for you?
5) Do you live up to your label?
6) What caused you to have this label?
7) What would change if you change your label?
8) Do you think you can define your own label?
9) Does your label determine your behaviour?
You may share your answers to the above questions with me via email at or on this blog.
More to come on labelling soon!!!